Liberty of The Seas – Inaugural visit to Southampton Port

One year on from welcoming Royal Caribbeans “Freedom of the Seas” to Southampton Merlin Fireworks were delighted to be back on Southampton Water again to welcome the second Freedom Class Ship, “Liberty of the Seas”  in spectacular fashion!

DSC00057crThree consecutive nightly displays were designed, choreographed and scripted to a bespoke soundtrack and once again a radio timecode link between the audio PA on board Liberty and our controllers on the Firework barge ensured that music and fireworks were seamlessly linked together.

The fireworks were transported to Southampton Port on the morning of each display in our ADR EXII vehicle which is certified to transport explosives and fireworks. They were then loaded into their mortar tubes and holders and then wired into our Pyromate control system.

Firing a display from a single barge we maximise the visual width of the display with angled launches and big wide fans of effects. DSC00062cr Look at the scale of the fireworks in the picture above, alongside what is one of the Worlds largest cruise ships.

To achieve that scale Merlin are always keen to design, make and use new equipment, such as these aluminium Radial Stands made in Spain for our Single Shot Comets and the “Flower Launchers” in the foreground which we fabricated ourselves.

All three displays went off exceptionally well, gained rave reviews in local press and secured another future booking for us with Royal Caribbean!

Thanks to all our crew who together made it happen!

A short video clip from the display is available on vimeo – click here to view