Electronic Control

Electronic Firing System

Pyromate P45 Electronic Control Panel

Merlin is committed to presenting spectacular and safe firework displays.For this reason all of our displays are fired electronically, not just our more complex projects but every single one of our displays, from the smallest private party to the largest International Celebration.

Electronic systems such as the Pyromate P45 Control Panel (shown right) give our technicians precise fingertip control of the fireworks within a display resulting in a safe, continuous and fluent programme.

Electronic control allows Merlin to fire spectacular sequences by igniting many fireworks simultaneously over a large area with many firing positions.

Lattice of Roman Candle Fireworks

Fan Pairs of Colourful Roman Candles with Bombettes




With our team of technicians we can operate several independent displays at any one time and we have therefore invested substantially in the control systems to meet our goals.

Our computer controlled system, “Smartfire”, is designed for synchronising fireworks with music and with a firing rate of up to 100 cues per second the Sky really is the limit with Merlin.

For more specialised tasks our wireless remote control systems are ideal for use on stage or where cabling becomes intrusive.

4 Channel radio control Firing System for Pyrotechnics

Radio Frequency Pyrotechnic Control System

Merlin will continue to employ innovative and new technology to deliver ever more spectacular visual sequences for our clients.