Congratulations! BPA Senior Firers Refresher Course Successfully Passed!

Congratulations to members of our team who successfully passed their BPA Senior Firers Refresher Course in July.

The British Pyrotechnists Association is the trade body that represents the majority of professional firework display companies in the United Kingdom.

The BPA operates a training and examination scheme aimed at ensuring the highest standards of firework display safety. This training programme has been accredited by City & Guilds as meeting its quality assurance criteria and is the only UK accredited qualification in this field.

Merlin Fireworks are committed to presenting safe and spectacular firework displays and as longstanding BPA members Merlin ensure that our team are trained and qualified to Firer and Senior Firer level.    Candidates will attend training courses, study the BPA Firers lecture notes, log their display experience and refresh their qualification every five years.

Candidates successfully refreshing their Senior Firers qualification this time included our three Directors, Andy, Jon and Rob!

The BPA Training Scheme is accredited by City & Guilds

Merlin Fireworks are full members of the British Pyrotechnists Association